The Julio From NY Tumblr Blog

So I’m trying out this thing called the Tumblr that all the young folks are raving about and I don’t quite get it.  To tell you the truth, I knew about tumblr when I first started my blog around 2 years ago or so but it just looked to simple to be a decent blog engine.  Years later, it pretty much seems the same but I guess it’s kinda like the bridge between Twitter and a regular blog.

I’m trying to see if I can put them under one feed but don’t seem to to be able to.  Also I noticed that once posted, it’s nigh impossible to edit an entry (actually still awaiting a reply from Help Desk on this issue).  Here’s looking to see if I’ll continue using Tumblr.  Not like I really blog all that much to begin with but we shall see.  The link to my Tumblr blog is down below. Check it out if you wish.

The Julio From NY Tumblr Blog.


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