More Delays And More Distractions

So I was planning to do an audio recording last weekend but real life kicked in the door and dashed those plans.  Claudia had gone unwell during that time and we had to go to the doctor to make sure everything was ok.  It turned out it wasn’t too serious, thankfully, if not a bit frustrating and somewhat interposing to our normal routine.  Claudia was able to alleviate her ailment with some meds and with some tweaks to some of her habits she should be back in full form.  Alas, the show could not be recorded. 

This coming weekend will be somewhat eventful as well, as we’ll be taking some dance classes with Tony Meredith at Lincoln Center (no it’s not exclusive but an event for all who wish to attend) and possibly check out the Colombian Independence Festival on Sunday at Flushing Meadow Park.  I guess we’ll see what tomorrow will bring.

My drive to record the podcast hasn’t really dwindled, but I’m also not living in Bridgeport, CT anymore and this time around I don’t plan on missing out on the fun that New York City has to offer, if I can help it.  You 0nly live once as they say, and I plan to enjoy the most of it.


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