Thank Goodness for Small Favors

As it turned out, Marc Maron’s free show last night was cancelled due to a water main breaking at the Green Room over at Bleecker St.  This of course turned out to be a small blessing because I was/am so tired and needed to get some much needed sleep.  Of course I didn’t take full advantage of this. 

I ended up going to my mom’s house for some free and tasty grub and to give my farewell’s to my cousin who is heading back to Colombia today.

 Saying Goodbye to my Cousin as heads back to Colombia

It was a nice and pleasant but subsequently, I still got back home much later than I hoped for.  I ended up getting more sleep than I have the previous nights so that was nice.  Also I found out this morning that Time Warner’s Local News Channel, NY1 posted their videoof the Lincoln Center function on their website and yours truly appeared for a few seconds.  Claudia is still freaking out because she hates any degree of attention but what are you going to do.

Hey what do you know, three blog entries in three days.  This rare bought of prolific writing has to be attributed to me not making any podcasts in some time.  I definitely have to do an audio recording soon.  Stay tuned.


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