Regarding the Swing of Things

Sometime yesterday, I found out about a little night function over at Lincoln Center called “Midsummer Night’s Swing”.  The style of dance they were going to showcase and teach for the night was the Lindy Hop.  Being the thoughtful husband that I am and knowing my wife’s passion for dance, I made reservations and we proceeded to go that very night.  Little did I know what havoc I would create with this action.  As I’ve heard before, no good deed goes unpunished.

Due to some unforseen car accidents and traffic Claudia ended up a little late and we proceeded to the dance lessons a bit behind.  Having two left feet this made it impossible for me to learn more than something resembling the basic 2 steps of the Lindy Hop.  After an hour or so of this, I was much tired (being sleep-deprived and all), and we decided to depart to get some dinner.  As were were leaving, I remembered also catching a little “tweet” about Jesse Joyce performing at the Gotham Comedy Club and decided to go there for some mirth and to end the night on a high note (I’m very self-conscious about having 2-left feet on the dance floor).  The comedy was great and I completely forgot all my embarrassment at Lincoln Center.  Of  course that was to later change.

On our way home Claudia looked through all the reading material we gathered from Lincoln Center and realized that there were several more dance functions this month in latin and swing dances and of course she wants to try out at least six more.  What is a loving, thoughtful, yet very neurotic (when it comes to dance), husband to do?

I reluctantly conceded that we’ll peruse the events together and see if we can fit it in our limited schedule.  I was able to opt out of any functions this coming weekend because we have some family obligations already and I’m so very tired.  It’s funny because I thought we had this time thing, or lack thereof, under control and then this week just came with a sonic boom.  I’m already getting myself ready and geared up to see Marc Maron‘s “Scorching the Earth” again tonight.  I know after tonight I’ll just be a walking zombie the rest of the week.  But you know what?  It’s still worth it. Damn it all, it’s still worth it.  I’ll just have to hibernate on Sunday.


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