Long Time, No See

It’s been some time since my last blog entry or podcast recording and there are some pretty good reasons for that (unless of course, you count twittering as blogging, in which case I have been rather busy).  For those that listen to the podcast, in our last episode we mentioned that we were getting ready to move to Brooklyn,  NY.  As it turned out, we did in fact move to Brooklyn on the last weekend of May, first weekend of June. Subsequently after that, we’ve been living out of boxes, getting acquainted with our new commute schedules and just adapting to our new neighborhood.  All these little obstacles has taken out a lot of the free time that we would normally use to record our podcast.  Furthermore, the wonder and spectacle that is New York City has also lured us away, somewhat, to the social night life.

Needless to say, it’s been a bumpy but fun and rewarding ride.  We couldn’t be happier (the missus, the cats and I of course).  Just recently we got to check out ¡Sacapuntas! which consisted of a stellar lineup of comedians with Marc Maron as the headliner (coincidentally, we saw his solo show, “Scorching the Earth” a week or so prior to this appearance and we’ll be seeing him again on July, 8th).  We also finally got to catch “Fuerza Bruta!” this past weekend and did the usual household chores and unpacking that eats up most of our weekends.

I think we’re finally getting into the swing of things and will probably be able to record something sometime soon.  If any case stay tuned, to this blog or my twitter feed and you’ll soon know what’s what.


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