Life After People

So like most human beings, I too have emotions and emotions being what they are, I have my ups and downs. Just a few weeks ago I was feeling elated about everything and without a care in the world and just as recent as two days ago I was in self-deprecation mode in a major way and didn’t see the point to doing anything creative. With all of this, I had been watching a series on the History Channel called “Life After People” which basically shows how nothing man made will stand the test of time and eventually we will all be forgotten. This was quite a humbling and liberating message to absorb. Humbling because I’ve realized that all fame and recognition can and will easily be forgotten. It was liberating because, once again, my own message of self-worth is the only value I should care about has been emphasized to my consciousness and the imagined pressures of what others may or may not think about me have once again dissolved.

It really is quite silly how we sometimes strive and crave validation from others. It must be the social nature of our genetic construct as that is what has kept us surviving and evolving all these years. Emotionally we do want to feel valued by others because it gives our lives purpose and meaning. Especially, once you’ve shredded religion and authority from playing a significant role in your life. In that instance what other value is there other than being validated by your peers? Coming to grips with mortality and the fact that in the end, even the great civilizations of modern man will eventually be forgotten makes me breathe a sigh of relief. Why should I care about what others think if in the end we all will be gone and forgotten anyway. Instead I should focus on my own pursuits and just enjoy every day as best as I can. If only there was a way to always remember this and never let this realization go away? Well I am human after all.


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