The Julio From NY Show Episode 36: Same Old, Same Old

Show Notes for Episode 36: Same Old, Same Old
-Got to check out Viva Patshiva and join in on a KATG Live Show
-Had my second softball practice and our first game will be this Monday, Apr, 27
-News Stories I Found Interesting
-Podcast Recommendation: Nina Kimberly The Merciless
-Wrap Up

News Stories I Found Interesting:
Man Pleads Not Guilty to Tattooing 7-yr old boy
2 Hitler Watercolors Auctioned in Germany
Man, 84, fights off carjackers with groin kick
Home Depot garden center becomes young owl’s home
Bra Deflects Bullet Aimed At Woman
Chewing Gum May Raise Math Grades In Teens
Postal Worker Accused of Stealing Breakup Book

Track List:
-We Are America by Caledonia
-Late So Tired by Telling On Trixie
-Mad About You by Telling On Trixie
-Walk On Boy by Jim Byrnes
-Running by Fred

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