Quick Blog Post

So this week has turned out pretty good. Got a new iPhone and I cannot stop playing around with it, getting apps for it, Twittering on it, etc. Today, after a nice branch with the family in the mail was a letter, addressed to my wife, congratulating her on being accepted into Pratt’s Master’s Program. Needless to say she was elated and we’re excited about the new chapter in our lives.

Now we have to plan and see how we’re going to get this put together with a nice bow tied around it. I mean I still have a job in Norwalk, CT. Obviously we’re going to have to move to Brooklyn, NY and pay more rent and I’ll have to probably get to jobs now (my wife will have to go to school full time so I’m gonna have to make more money). Who knows what will come of it all in the next few weeks. For now I’m just going to enjoy all the good news and get ready to do a show about it (why not, right?).


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