Rocketboom Presents: Tomt and I

I know I keep making empty promises about keeping up with this blog. I do try to make an honest effort but I don’t always have access to a computer when I have an instant idea and I’m more of a write at the moment or that moment’s gone type of guy. Plus I do like doing podcasts a little more than writing because I guess it comes easier and once you’ve said your piece you just edit and post. It’s funny, obviously doing a podcast takes more time from my life than typing a few ideas on a blog but I find it easier to do. I guess I give my writing more scrutiny because of the fact that I have complete control of what I put in text whereas in audio I don’t have as much control so I don’t have to judge myself as harshly. But I digress.

I realize that I’m always stretching myself thin when it comes to watching tv shows, or listening to podcasts or audiobooks or just doing hobbies like blogging and podcasting. Because of this I’m trying to wean myself off of some of my distractions. I’ve fallen a bit behind on my vidcasts for example and I decided that maybe I just can’t keep trying to dedicate my time to a daily one such as Rocketboom. So as I hit the unsubscribe button and I was about to proceed to delete all the episodes, this short film called “Tomt and I” caught my attention and I decided to give it a quick view. Needless to say I enjoyed it and decided to blog about it (talk about killing two birds with one stone LOL).

I found this film to be a bit like Napolean Dynamite and Juno and the podcast “I Have a Ham Radio” all mixed into one. Instead of giving it away why not just view it for yourself and see if I made an adequate description.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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