What do you know? You can get a free education

So it has come to my attention that you can pretty much get a college degree at a place called The University of The People.    This is a pretty neat idea and I hope it catches on as it can really help level the playing field and give those financially-challenged people like myself another opportunity and improving their way of life.  At the moment it seems that it only offers degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science, so for the ones who are more interested in a liberal arts degree or want to major in English literature (I confess I am in that category), then this isn’t the school for you.  But if you want to at least make yourself have a better salary classification, this isn’t a bad start.  Hey, it’s free.  Well for the most part.  It seems you only have t play for the exams to prove that learned what you needed to in the courses you take.  Like they say, beggars can’t be choosers.


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