Standing in front of the Crossroads: Career vs. Job

I just recently watched the Chris Rock Special: “Kill The Messenger,” and on top of cracking me up in fits of laughter it did make me stop and re-examine myself.  He had a bit that was differentiating the differences between having a job and having a career and it definitely struck a chord within me.  I mean I know this isn’t something completely new to me.  I am currently working another job with no real future prospects at my current position and not really seeing a future for myself in the vocation I am doing.  So what does the future hold for me?  I’ve been asking myself since watching the Chris Rock Special.

I’m 31 and tired of the 9-5 grind.  I would love to have a career doing something I love but what is it?  I used to doodle a lot in high school and had childhood aspirations of being a comic book artist.  While in college I did fancy myself a writer.  So do I now have the chutzpah to pursue those dreams and make them a reality?  I’m not quite sure.  I will at least try to make a commited effort to write something on this blog daily.  Even if it’s just a commentary on the latest viral video meme plaguing the internet LOL.  Who knows maybe I’ll have a book idea to start on come 2009.  Only time will tell.  At least I’m also working my creative juices doing a semi-weekly podcast so maybe with these two creative outlets something will come out of it.


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