Promo for Matthew Wayne Selznick’s novel

I just wanted to let you guys know about a podcast novel, which I have been a fan of for the past 2 years called Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznik.  If you’re a fan of X-men, Smallville, Heroes or any coming of age story, a fan of teen dramas, like “my so called life” or “freaks and geeks” or just a fan of good speculative fiction, I highly recommend this book.

The reason for this little push for MWS is that for the past two years he’s had this book in circulation online through his website, podibooks dot com and lulu press.  Well thanks to his hard-earned work and his pseudo-internet fame, small publisher Swarm Press is going to re-release his book this coming Sunday, July 13th on Amazon.  One of the things he’s going to do to promote this new launch is do a little live webcast through his site reading short stories written by fellow podcast authors that will take place in the BMR universe and every hour he’s going to let you know how many books have sold.

I want to do my part in helping him sell some copies; hence the reason for this quick blog entry. Down below are some links to his website, the podiobooks page and my podcast promo.  Until the next blog entry.

Brave Men Run’s main page

for Brave Men Run (currently only way to subscribe)

Link to my podcast promo for Matthew Wayne Selznick


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