No more social networks for me. At least for now

After trying Twitter out for a few days, I realized that it just wasn’t for me. For the first few days it was sort of exciting and I couldn’t stop checking every few minutes to see what new tweets were being displayed on my page. I even tried, not to successfully, to make communication with a number of podcasters that I followed on a regular basis. When a few did respond, I couldn’t stop myself from grinning idiotically. I even had complete strangers start following me on Twitter because of of the people I was following. It was strangely flattering.

However, because none of my friends were on twitter, the lack of the personal connection that I was used to with social networks was nonexistent. Also, I was spending needless time on Twitter as well as myspace. So with these thoughts, I decided to cut myself off all of them cold turkey. Until I have something to really market, or I have more friends, I I just don’t have the need for any social networks.


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