Month: February 2008

Barack and his disappointing stance on gay marriages

As I went into my myspace account, for one of the last times, I noticed out of the corner of my eyes some videos called “Presidential Dialogues – Super Dialogue”. Needless to say my curiosity was piqued and I caught some videos about Obama’s stance on gay marriages. Now gay marriages isn’t really the biggest issue for me; however, this is a civil rights issue. Because of this, I found his answer very disappointing; especially, because he’s attempting to break the racial barrier and be the first black president of the United States yet, he won’t allow gays to be married. How perplexing is that?!

Sure he softens the blow by saying that he’ll do the best he can to make sure that “civil unions” of gay people have the same rights as that of a heterosexual marriage. He just won’t call it a marriage. I’m sorry but this type of compromising doesn’t bode well for the future and what his decisions might be on more serious and more controversial issues if he does end up winning the Presidency.

Down below are the myspace links to those videos so you can check them out yourselves:

Super Dialogue: Barack Obama – Part 4 of 10

Super Dialogue: Barack Obama – Part 6 of 10

Scott Sigler wished me a happy birthday!!!

Normally I’m not much for making a big hoopla about myself. But I just received a sound file from Scott Sigler saying happy birthday to me and I was very much in glee. For those of you who do now know Sigler, he is one of the first authors to put one of his novels in podcast form. His first podcast novel was Earthcore. Since then he’s gone on to produce many more sci-fi horror related novels and got a book deal with Crown Publishing. His first book with Crown, Infected, will be launching later this year.

Now before I get hate mail from other “junkies” out on the internets (Sigler’s moniker for his fanbase), let me remind you guys that he mentioned something about this in a previous episode. He stated that he was trying to allocate all his fanbase’s information into a database so that he can do little special things for them (such as wish them Happy Birthdays, invite them to pub crawls, book launches, etc). I’m sure you’ll all be getting your birthday wishes from him soon enough. All you have to do is sign up to his website and you’ll be added to his database.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me, check out Scott Sigler’s website and I’ll see you guys later.

Two days have passed but the Democrat's delegate count continues to confound

With the exception of MSNBC (which still shows Obama up 838 to Clinton’s 834), it seems that the other websites now have new delegate counts. The NY Times originally showed the Associated Press’ delegate count on their homepage and their own delegate count. Now, the Associated Press’ numbers are nowhere to be found and their own count has spiked. Yesterday, they had Obama beating Clinton 34 to 21. Today, however, Clinton is now winning, with two sets of numbers. Her Feb. 5th numbers are up 667 to Obama’s 583 but now, it seems, they’re also using Super Delegates which balloons her lead to 892 over 716.

CNN originally had Clinton up 818 to 730 but now that has changed to 823 over 741. In case you weren’t confused enough, here are some other sites I forgot to mention before. Yahoo’s political dashboard shows Clinton at 830 delegates and Obama at 820. Fox News shows Clinton ahead 1,024 to Obama’s 933. Finally, Real Clear Politics, shows Clinton in the lead 1,060 to 981. I’m sure there are more numbers out there, but I don’t have the energy or the patience to delve into more baffling results.

So why is there still discrepancy to the delegate counts? Well, according to MSNBC, “Different news organizations make different delegate calls at different points along the process” and “some estimate what the candidates will get after the lengthy counting process has played itself out.”

However, the NY Times claim they use officially pledged numbers. If this is the case, how are their numbers higher than MSNBC, CNN and Yahoo? It made more sense yesterday when their numbers were drastically smaller. It doesn’t make sense that the other sites would keep official counts out of their estimated totals.

What is the lesson to all this? For me, it’s to vote for the person that best represents your cause and just be patient until the official candidate is delared at their respective Conventions.