Day: February 3, 2008

I love Netflix

Well this week has been rather uneventful politically. Sure we heard the last state of the union, and the last Democratic and Republican debate until Super Tuesday. But even so, very little was said, nothing new surfaced and tensions in both parties have settled down for the most part (though I’m sure Romney and McCain would argue that). Because of this I have no rant to give out this week, and I have nothing of any real value to talk about. Unless of course, you value entertainment.

Which brings me to Netflix. I reactivated my account after a number of years of dormancy and noticed some changes to their services. On top of having cheaper rates they also have a service called “Browse Instant”. This service allows you to watch some of their DVDs on-line and depending on the plan, you have an unlimited amount of time to watch streaming video. The past four movies that I have watched via the mail so far have been the following:

With the new service of watching streaming video I have been re-watching an old British show called Coupling. I’m now in the middle of season 2 and it’s just as funny as I remember it. Also, if you have a Netflix account and you would like to be my friend on there (apparently they have a social-network) you can simply click on the link below:

Netflix link

    Anyway, that’s all for now. I should have another entry next week.