Another funny webvideo

Throughout the week I was getting ready to vent about Mike Huckabee and some of the things he said in Michigan about the Constitution; however, my knowledge of politics is limited and I didn’t want to sound like another ill-informed pundit. So instead, I kept trying to soothe my frustrations and pondered on other things to talk about, when I stumbled upon this Crunchgear article. Needless to say, this was the cure to my ails and I’m a happier and less stressed person for it. Hope you check them out and enjoy them as well. Until the next blog entry…

One thought on “Another funny webvideo

  1. Wahaha. I actually stumbled upon these videos on YouTube. I had a good laugh. Good techniques but the underlying theme is even funnier.

    It’s funny that people don’t get what is going on here. They wonder who the girl in the background is.. LOL.. It’s quite funny, if you ask me!

    I particularly like when he refers to the finger as the “fat chunk of treachorous meat” or something to that effect. LMAO! That’s just brilliant.

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