Always late to the party

I heard about these two viral videos a few weeks ago (before I had a blog) and even though it is so yesterday’s news I still want to share it with you readers. I first got word of them from a podcast show on the TWIT network called net@nite. Anywho, these two videos are parodies about the web 2.0 phenomenon and how society has been changed by it or is affected by it. I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

This one is called “Here Comes Another Bubble”

This one is called “New Media Douchebags Explained”

I guess the latter is my upcoming future LOL.


One thought on “Always late to the party

  1. I found the “New Media Douchebags” video HILARIOUS! Glad we got to watch that together, honey. LOL… Seriously though, I am a big fan of the new media movement but, sadly, it’s one of those huge marketing things that people are exploiting. I know a lot of people hate viral marketing and social media. You can’t blame them when there is so much crap out there but, when used well, “new media” is very effective. I think people just need to remember that warmth is important if communication is to be received with open arms and not deemed intrusive.

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